September 3-6

Wednesday: Welcome back students!  We started the first day of school with chapel, going over the classroom rules, getting to know our peers, and introducing what we’ll be learning this year.  We decided on the following class rules:

1. Raise your hand

2. Play quietly when finished

3. Respect others

4. Respect the school

5. Be ready to learn

House keeping: Students are allowed to have a water bottle in the classroom.  It can get hot in the room until winter hits, so light clothing and water bottles are encouraged.  We do have an afternoon snack time, but please refrain from bringing anything messy, that needs to be microwaved, and remember this is a small snack and not your entire lunch.

Homework: Students were given a list of class rules to bring home and review with a parent.  That sheet needs to be signed and brought back by Monday, September 8th.

Thursday: For our first Bible lesson, we brainstormed ways in which we can grow spiritually this year.  The students shared some of their spiritual goals, and we will be posting that in the classroom to remember to help each other in our spiritual walk.  In language arts, we started filled out a prewriting sheet on a personal narrative we will work on tomorrow.  This afternoon we met in the assembly room to cover fundraising information, and students took home coupon books to sell.  We wrapped up our day with listing the properties of Oobleck in small groups.

Friday: We started the day with writing our testimonies.  I have students do this every year from 5th-8th grade.  I file them and hand them back when the students graduate from Heartland so that they can see their growth over the course of their time here.  We worked on writing personal narratives during language arts and shared at the end of the period.  In the afternoon, we worked on using different line techniques to draw a picture of the Mona Lisa.  We also came up with fun acronyms for the cardinal directions and practiced giving accurate directions to a partner.
Note: Students went home with two yellow sheets detailing information about purchasing coupon books online.  I already had many students who sold coupon books since receiving them just yesterday!  Wow!


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