January 21-24

Tuesday: We had Bible class after a week of spiritual emphasis.  We are going back to Daniel and his friends and went over the story of the fiery furnace.  Students read a reader’s theatre piece and completed a journal.  In language arts, we took an exam on the book Esperanza Rising.  Some students will need to finish the exam tomorrow during recess.  This afternoon, we talked about three types of clouds and watched the video below.  To wrap up today’s lesson, we played Pictionary with those cloud types.  We talked about the Silk Road in Heritage and watched the video below.  Students did a review worksheet (pages 47-48).

Homework: Heritage workbook pages 47-48, Fiery Furnace journal worksheet 

Wednesday:  Our chapel speaker talked to us about how God brings trials our way to teach us and help us grow.  Instead of being really upset about those trials, we can think about what we can learn from them.  In language arts, we made some corrections on yesterday’s exam, completed a pronoun search (find pronouns from any book you’re reading), and wrote the introduction to our research paper.  In Heritage, we read pages 214-218, watched the first part of the video on the website about wood block printing, and wrote facts about an assigned dynasty.  In science, we played a game, took notes, and completed the Label the Clouds worksheet

Remember to be working on all missing work!  The end of the quarter is THIS Friday!

Thursday: We had a two hour late start today, so all we did this morning was math.  In the afternoon, we worked on two projects: creating the different types of clouds and wood block printing (we used styrofoam) to go with our write ups about our assigned dynasty.

Friday: We started the day off by talking about the writing on the wall.  In language arts, we went over the following slideshare on plagiarism: slideshare.  During our independent work time, we practiced Internet Searching and Web Evaluation (pages 1 and 3) and Citing Web Sources (Students: when you are doing this activity today, you do not have to write out the entire URL.  That will be done on your science fair paper but not in class today).  These activities are designed to help the students conduct proper internet research for science fair and get used to correctly citing sources.

In the afternoon, we continued to work on our internet search.  We worked on creating Ming vases from the Ming Dynasty in China.  Ming vases are a beautiful blue and white, and I can’t wait to see our finished projects!  We also read about severe weather in science and answered the quick check questions on page 132.

Reminder: Spelling bee is next Tuesday and remember to wear Hawaii clothing to school on Monday for beach week!


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