January 13-17

Monday: This week is spiritual emphasis week, which means we’ll have chapel every day this week.  Today we had Grandma Alice’s group come in to perform.  In language arts, we decided on our new spelling list for the week.  We do not have spelling homework this week, and our list will be over words we chose from our spelling bee list.  In Heritage, we talked about the Shang and Chou dynasties.  Students decided which dynasty they would prefer to live in.  In science, we made a flipbook on the layers of the atmosphere.

Homework: Remember the upcoming deadlines: science fair question is due Jan 21, the end of the quarter is Jan 24, and the spelling bee is on Jan 28.

Tuesday: Our chapel speaker did not come so we switched for math early.  In language arts, we read chapter 12 and completed the next packet on character traits. In science, we read about air masses and did a couple demonstrations.  In Heritage, we took a look at the teachings of Confucius and met in groups to discuss what those quotes mean.

Homework: Spelling test on Friday, Esperanza reading and packet needs to be done for tomorrow 

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked about how God is our guide.  We use the Bible, other Christian friends, and prayer to help us discover God’s plan for our lives.  In language arts, we completed a pronoun worksheet on subject and object pronouns and started reading chapter 13: Peaches.  We will finish the packet tomorrow, so there isn’t any homework for language arts.  This afternoon we reviewed Confucius, talked about the terracotta warriors of the Qin Dynasty, and went over Jade and Bronze.  We read about weather fronts in science and watched the videos below.

Thursday: Library- Click for list of science fair questions and click here for more science fair question help and even here!

When you’re finished with science fair, click on the links below to learn about jade.

Jade: scroll down and click on the green box that says jade

Our chapel speaker had us on our feet this morning!  We learned a song with the names of God, and the speaker talked about how great it is to talk about the wonderful things of the Lord.  We finished our book in language arts today.  We will be taking a final exam on it and the vocabulary we covered throughout the unit on Tuesday.  This afternoon we talked about global winds (which is complicated stuff!) and watched the videos below.  We also learned about the Han Dynasty and talked about the unique discover of Lady Xi’s body during the Han Dynasty.

Friday: It was the last day of chapel for spiritual emphasis week.  The chapel speaker talked about how God is our refuge.  He compared it to the game of tag where you have a safe base where nothing can get you.  In language arts, we got a study guide (click here for a copy) and will be having the exam over Esperanza Rising on Tuesday.  This afternoon we worked on drawing faces with the correct proportions.  Some students even started on the next activity of drawing the other half of a photo.  In Heritage we made terracotta warriors with clay.  We read about local winds on pages 120-121 and completed workbook page 70.

Homework: Esperanza Rising exam on Tuesday, Jan 21 and science workbook page 70 is due that day as well


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