January 13-17

Monday: We finished reading the book today and briefly talked about our reactions to it.  Students are choosing their own spelling words for the each from their spelling bee lists.  There will be no spelling homework this week.

Homework: Spelling test on Friday

Tuesday: We started watching a movie adaptation of Huck Finn today.  We will finish it tomorrow.

Wednesday: We finished the movie, had a brief discussion on our reaction to it, and we completed a reflection worksheet over the material.

Homework: worksheet is due tomorrow

Thursday: People have criticized the ending of Huck Finn, so today we evaluated two articles (one supporting the ending and one criticizing the ending).  Criticism includes Huck’s seeming reversion to his old ways when he’s around Tom.  Some people believe it discredits the growth he’s made in regard to slavery.  Students will need an opinion on the ending chapters of the book for Tuesday’s exam.

Friday: We took a spelling test and went over the study guide for Huck Finn.  The exam will be when we return on Tuesday.  Below are some resources that may help with studying over the weekend.

Homework: Huck Finn exam on Tuesday

Satire and Irony


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