January 6-10

Monday: School closed

Tuesday: School closed

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked about the name of God, Emmanuel.  In language arts, we reviewed chapter 10 (which we read before break) and started working on chapter 11.  We are using RACE to answer questions about the book.  This is helping students write complete, detailed responses.

Restate the question

Answer the question: “I think/believe” BECAUSE

Cite evidence: “On page ______ it says”

Explain: Use prior knowledge, examples from your life, connections, etc.

At the end of the day, we had a geography bee with the 3rd and 4th grade class and the 7th and 8th grade class.  Congratulations for those that placed in the top 10!

Homework: Winter break assignment is due today

Thursday: We are starting a new unit and are talking about the life of Daniel.  We discussed why King Nebuchadnezzar changed Daniel’s and his friends’ names.  We also talked about why they refused the king’s food.  In language arts, we finished reading chapter 11 and worked on the packet.  In the afternoon, we had the finalist round of the geography bee, and I introduced the science fair.  Please be aware of upcoming deadlines:

Science Fair Question:                                    January 21st

Materials and Hypothesis:                              January 31st

Research and Bibliography:                            February 14th (Rough Draft)

Procedure:                                                       March 3rd

Written Report:                                             March 10th

(Includes ALL written portions)              March 19th (Revised Copy)

Log Book and Board:                                     Day before science fair

The science fair is a large part of the 3rd quarter grade and is a VERY big project.  The students do it mostly outside of school, so it is very important to stay caught up on this project.  Everyone received a packet of information today on the science fair.  Those packets were placed in their science folders.

Homework: Esperanza Rising packet (chapter 11) is due tomorrow, book orders are due January 15

End of the quarter is January 24th: ALL work needs to be turned in on that day to participate in the end of the quarter reward

Friday: This morning we did a reader’s theatre piece over King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  In language arts, we completed a worksheet on possessive pronouns, answered quick questions for chapter 11, and revised some of our answers on previous packets.  In the afternoon, we started a new unit in science and took notes on the atmosphere and air pressure.  We also talked about the geography of China.  We are trying to finish up our art projects.  Students shouldn’t take home their art pieces yet, but they can work on them this week to finish them up.

Homework: China geography sheets are due on Monday, science fair question is due on Jan 21

End of the quarter is January 24th

Spelling bee is January 28th


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