December 16-20

Monday: Today we went over our new spelling words (list 33: 11-20 with bonus word government).  We read chapters 23-25 and wrote summaries for each chapter.  The students have assigned spelling homework this week and need to choose two activities from the vocab tic-tac-toe to complete over the four vocab words they chose for the week.

Homework: vocab activities and spelling homework are due Wednesday, summaries due tomorrow

Tuesday: We took notes on the last set of chapters and read chapter 26 together.

Wednesday: We listened to chapters 27-28.

Thursday: We viewed a PowerPoint (Possessive Apostrophes) on apostrophes and completed a practice sheet.  We also read two new chapters and answered questions on 27-30 (two of those chapters we’ve already read).  We will be having a read and feed tomorrow, so come with a good book!

Homework: Bring a book to read tomorrow

Friday: We had a free read day today.  Students were also given a winter break assignment.  Click here for a copy: Winter Break Assignment


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