December 2-6 2013

Monday: In Bible, we met in groups to do an activity about how we can serve God.  Students had thoughtful, deep responses that we were able to talk about as a class.  In language arts, we took notes on how to cite evidence from Esperanza Rising.  I’ve noticed that many students will make statements in their reading reflections but not back up their answers.  Today we worked on providing support to explain our thinking.  This afternoon we spent the entire time on Heritage.  We read in our textbook and watched the video below about Hinduism.  We then completed a Venn Diagram showing the differences between Hinduism and Christianity.  While the video is advanced for middle school, it has some really good information.  It would be worthwhile to review it or talk about Hinduism as a family.  Once you look at their belief system, it doesn’t even compare to Christianity.

Homework: I have assigned specific spelling homework for each student.  Spelling homework is due on Wednesday

Tuesday: In Bible, we read in our student textbook and talked about the Babylonian invasion of Judah.  During language arts, we worked on vocabulary, completed quick questions and quick write.  Some students started working on Las Cebollas.  We will finish the chapter and assignments tomorrow.  This afternoon we spent the entire time on science.  We did a thermal energy lab and made a poster over the information from page 90.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow, science poster and thermal lab sheets are due tomorrow

Wednesday: During chapel, we practiced for the Christmas program with Mrs. Foss.  Then we finished up our packet on chapter Las Cebollas in language arts.  After that we had lunch, a quick music class, and we went home!  Everyone stay safe on the roads!

Thursday: Library Games

Complete the games in the order below.  The webquest is a required assignment.  Bring paper to use while completing the assignment.

Caste System Webquest (You will be reading the links on whatever caste you’ve been assigned to get enough information to write a journal entry.  You do NOT need to complete a notes sheet, but the journal entry needs to include your daily activities, job, beliefs, and feelings about being in your caste.  It is not important that you read all the information in every link.  Just read enough to be able to write your journal entry.  It should be about 3 paragraphs long.)

Grammar: Sentences

Potential and Kinetic Energy Jeopardy Game (If you finish the webquest early)



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