November 25-27

Monday: We met in groups during Bible to read about Zephaniah and complete a jigsaw activity.  In language arts, we took notes on conflict, completed a few quick questions from the last chapter, and wrote a journal about a big change in our life.  We also did a vocab organizer on the words stagnant and demeanor and wrapped up the period with a run-on sentence worksheet and (in)complete train activity.  This afternoon, we read pages 79-82 in Heritage and wrote a list of 10 things that were found from the Harappan civilization.  In science, we completed workbook page 51, read page 84 in our textbook and watched the following video on potential and kinetic energy.  Lastly, we worked on a roller coaster assignment where we drew 4 carts with potential and kinetic energy.  Tomorrow we will get in groups to make a group drawing!

Homework: Students may need to complete run-on sentence worksheet, 2 vocab organizers, and writing down 10 artifacts from pages 79-82 in Heritage


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