November 11-15

Monday: We are starting new things this quarter!  We are in our next unit in Bible: The Last Days of Judah.  This is a little hard to jump into because it continues from the 4th grade Bible curriculum where they started learning about the kings of Judah.  Today we talked about the divided kingdom and how many of the kings of Judah didn’t do a great job serving God.  In language arts, we will be starting a unit on the novel Esperanza Rising. Today we shared our reports, went over our spelling words (list 1: #21-30 with bonus word permission), and we did a spelling and noun review sheet.  This afternoon, we read about atoms and molecules on pages 66-67.  Then we spent the rest of the day creating molecules from gummies (like the picture below).  They  did really well with this and it’s difficult stuff.  They even made a complicated propane molecule!      


Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday.  There will be an exam on Egypt either Thursday or Friday

Tuesday: We continued looking at Hezekiah’s life today in Bible.  The students noticed many interesting details about him that maybe they’ll share at home!  In language arts we started reading the first chapter of Esperanza Rising and worked on a character chart.  We also discussed two proverbs that are found before the first chapter.  The students had really great insights as to what those proverbs meant.  In science, we completed a review worksheet (page 42) on atoms.  Lastly, we made a cartouche with clay.  We used hieroglyphics to write our names in the clay like ancient Egyptians would.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker gave a message about the name of God “I am.”  He talked about Moses and his fear of going back to Egypt, which was a perfect tie in to our unit in Heritage right now.  We started to work on sentence fragments in language arts, and we read chapter 1 (Las Uvas) while we filled out our character chart.  Not everyone got this done.  They definitely need to finish the chapter but can turn in the character chart as late as Friday.  We worked on a Heritage study guide for our test on Friday, and we talked about mixtures and solutions in science.  The video below explains what a solution is (I love how he said that solutions are the best mixed mixtures).

Homework: Heritage test on Friday, finish reading Las Uvas, character chart is due Friday, spelling test Friday (some students still need to turn in spelling homework)

Thursday: This morning, we started learning about the next king of Judah, Manasseh.  The students completed a writing or drawing based on his reign in 2 Chronicles.  We acted out characters in language arts, went over vocab in the next chapter, and completed a journal entry and quick questions over yesterday’s reading.  This afternoon, we read science pages 70-77 and completed workbook pages 45-46.  We also changed our seating arrangement.

Homework: Heritage and spelling test tomorrow, book orders due tomorrow, science workbook pages 45-46, Esperanza Rising journal entry and quick questions

Note: A couple students are already getting behind this quarter, and we’re only 4 days in.  Please make sure all work is turned in!


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