November 4-6

We have a short week with a lot going on!  The end of the quarter is on Wednesday.  That means that all work needs to be turned in by the end of that day for 1st quarter grades and to be able to participate in the end of the quarter reward.  Thursday is conferences!

Monday: We played a review game in Bible.  The students impressed me with how well they did on that!  I feel confident that everyone will do very well on tomorrow’s Bible quiz.  We received an assignment in language arts that we’ll be working for the remainder of the week.  We are writing a 7 paragraph report on the nonfiction book of our choice.  This will be due the Monday after we get back from our 4 day weekend.  In science, we conducted an experiment with pennies and were introduced to the scientific process (which we will spend a great deal of time on when we get to working on science fair).  Finally, we talked about religion in Egypt and compared and contrasted Egypt’s religion to that of Mesopotamia.  The students have an optional extra credit assignment that I passed out at the end of the day.  If they would like to do that, it is due on Wednesday so it can help their 1st quarter Heritage grade.  We watched the following Horrible History video, and there is more to come tomorrow!  We will be learning about Egyptian fashion tomorrow and will have a dress up day on Wednesday to transform ourselves into ancient Egyptians.  Students are encouraged to bring accessories, such as jewelry or white sheets to use for their outfits as we have limited resources here at school.

Homework: A number of students have not turned in science workbook page 35.  Extra credit in Heritage is due Wednesday.  Students can bring in items for Egyptian costume day on Wednesday

Tuesday: We took a Bible exam this morning.  That will wrap up our Bible work for the week.  We continued to work on our nonfiction book reports in language arts.  We reviewed the science concepts we’ve been talking about by completing two workbook pages.  In Heritage, we read to the end of the chapter and watched a few Horrible Histories.  We completed page 19 in our workbooks to review Egyptian culture.

Homework: Bring in things for Egyptian costumes tomorrow and remember to turn in all missing work tomorrow

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker today gave a message on the omnipotence of God.  The name of God we’re focusing on this week is Almighty.  We continued to work on our book reports today, and many students made a lot of progress.  The entire afternoon was spent creating Egyptian outfits.  The goal of this activity was to help the students imagine life in ancient Egypt and to get a clear visual of the things they might wear.  A couple students did bring in items to dress up with and that really added to their costumes.

Homework: Nonfiction book reports are due on Monday



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