October 28- November 2

Monday: We worked on a worksheet together in Bible dealing with the covenant God made with the Israelites.  In language arts we talked about rereading in nonfiction to clarify meaning.  We used our science textbook to model how we can reread, use the glossary, and look at pictures and diagrams to improve our understanding.  We also read about mummies and pyramids.  We watched a couple Horrible Histories (you can watch one below).  Horrible Histories was a British TV show for kids that covers some of the topics we study over the year, so look for more to come!  Lastly, we took notes on volume, mass, weight, and density.  These can be very tricky concepts, even for adults, so review the information when you can and always ask questions!

Homework: Station 4 on science worksheet (you can use a calculator), spelling homework is due Wednesday (list 1 words 11-20 with bonus word measure)

Tuesday: This morning we talked about the covenant made with David and how God didn’t allow him to build a temple.  Students started working on a worksheet that they’ll finish tomorrow or Thursday.  We took notes on summarizing sections of nonfiction text.  We practiced together from our science books, and then the students used their book of choice to summarize a section.  This afternoon we spent the day working on Heritage.  The students presented their pinwheel projects and then we completed stations mummifying an orange and creating a cut-away diagram of a pyramid.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  Some students were not ready to present their pinwheel projects.  They will need to present tomorrow and Thursday.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker this morning talked about the things we can use to “clothe” our inside, such as compassion, love, and gentleness.  We talked more about summarizing in language arts, and students wrote a summary of what they read during class work time.  We read about the Rosetta stone in Heritage and completed workbook page 15.  We reviewed mass, density, and volume in science by doing a quick practice worksheet and a review workbook page (35).

Homework: Any work that was not finished during work time is due tomorrow.  Many students need to turn in spelling homework that was due today.

Note: I apologize for being a little slow in grading recently.  We’ve moved into a new house and the internet won’t be up for another week, so I haven’t been doing it at home like usual.  I’m working on grades while at school, but it may take a couple more days for grades to be fully updated online.  I will notify students of any missing work they have before the weekend so they have a chance to turn it in before the end of the quarter.  

Thursday: We spent the morning working on Tuesday’s Bible worksheet and making sure we don’t have any other unfinished worksheets in our desk or folders.  We talked about how to use context clues in our reading if our book doesn’t have a glossary.  Context clues will be what most people rely on to figure out unknown words outside of school.  It is very important we learn how to use them.  We completed a history frame in Heritage over the Middle and New Kingdoms of Egypt.  We also filled out a graphic organizer on pages 60-65 in our science textbook.  We found the main idea of each subheading and wrote down two supporting details.  Reminder: Supporting details are specific facts that are related to the main idea.  They give more detail or specific information about the topic.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow, today’s history frame and science graphic organizer are due, and some people are still missing yesterday’s science workbook page and quick practice

Friday: We are wrapping up the unit on covenants in Bible class.  Next week we will review and take a unit test on Tuesday.  Students can use some resources on the Bible quiz so it shouldn’t be too challenging.  We took notes today on choosing a “just right” nonfiction book.  We went to the library to practice selecting books that are at our reading level, and students checked out a just right book that they’re interested in to use for a report we’ll be starting next week.  The students wrote creative stories in science as if they were on another planet with different states of matter.

Homework: Make sure all missing work is turned in

NOTE: Students can email me photographs for art class until Friday, November 18th.  We will be working on self-portraits soon and will be using these photographs as a reference for our art project.  I need to digitally alter the photos, so students won’t be able to use hard copies.  They will need to email their own photo or use the one I’ve taken of them.


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