October 28- November 2

Monday: Our spelling list for the week is list 32 #1-10 with the bonus word counselor.  We took notes in our reader’s notebooks on context clues.  We looked for context clues in our reading and wrote down new vocabulary in our word work section.

Homework: Spelling and vocab homework are due Wednesday

Tuesday: We took notes on colons in our writer’s notebook.  We practiced using colons by completing a free write activity.  The only requirement was that students use 3 colons, 2 semicolons, and 3 commas in their writing.

Homework: Spelling and vocab homework due tomorrow

Wednesday: We took more notes on context clues today.  We discussed different types of context clues and the signal words that would clue us in that there might be a context clue for the unknown word in our reading.  We did a practice sheet looking at antonym and synonym context clues and we filled out  a graphic organizer on an unknown word we encountered in our reading today.

Thursday: We had a shorter lesson today.  We took notes on techniques for proofreading spelling.  The students went through one of their old writings and checked for spelling mistakes.  Research shows that if students go through their work and circle the words they think they misspelled, they’ll be 95% accurate in isolating those words.  That is an encouraging statistic that we CAN catch spelling mistakes and learn how to fix them.

Friday: We took a spelling and vocab test and wrote peer responses to the weekly letter.  Students had time to silent read at the end of the period.

NOTE: Students can email me photographs for art class until Friday, November 18th.  We will be working on self-portraits soon and will be using these photographs as a reference for our art project.  I need to digitally alter the photos, so students won’t be able to use hard copies.  They will need to email their own photo or use the one I’ve taken of them.


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