October 21-25

Monday: We read a play about Abraham and started to fill out a graphic organizer on the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac.  In language arts, we took notes on nonfiction text features and looked for those new text features in our nonfiction books.  In science, we read an article on evolution and creationism.  We started working on a T-chart listing the differences between evolution and creationism from the article.  The students need to finish this on their own.  In Heritage, we started the unit on Egypt by learning about the Nile river.  We watched the first part of a video on ancient Egypt (the beginning two sections): click link here.

Homework: Finish T-chart from article, spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: The students wanted to continue our debate on Adam and Eve, so we took some time to do that this morning and to organize our desks.  In language arts, we took more notes on text features and determined which text feature we see the most in our reading.  In the afternoon, we reviewed the unit on fossils.  We will have a science exam on Friday.  The students can use one side of an index card during the exam.  Many of the students have remarked that they don’t think a study guide is the best way for them to study, so we are trying something different and will see how it goes!  In Heritage, we did map work and reviewed the importance of the Nile river.

Homework: Science exam Friday, spelling homework is due tomorrow

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker today talked about how incomprehensible God is.  She used the example of Job and situations in her own life to illustrate how we can’t always know the mind of God.  During language arts, we talked about how good readers of nonfiction don’t always start at the beginning of the book.  Sometimes readers will use the table of contents or index to locate specific information that will interest them the most.  This afternoon we only worked on Heritage.  We talked about the unification of Egypt through Narmer (sometimes known as Menes).  We added labels to the Narmer Palette (see below) for today’s notes.  I loved this activity because it directly related to how text features can improve our understanding, something we’ve been talking about in language arts.  Finally, we broke into groups to make a movable Narmer action figure and a unified Egypt crown.

Homework: Heritage map and the Gift of the Nile worksheet are due Friday.  Science exam Friday



Fossil Jeopardy (Try playing with a friend!  This was not created by me so some of the questions will not show up on the test, such as questions about coal, gas, or fuel)

Fossil Games (Play any of the games below to practice for the exam.  This was not created by me so may have extra information we don’t need for the exam)

Linking Verb Jeopardy (Play with a friend or on your own!  See how well you know your verbs)

Spelling Words Game (Play games to practice spelling for tomorrow’s test!)

Friday: We’ve been studying covenants God has made with his people in this unit.  We looked at God’s covenant with the Israelites today.  In language arts, we talked about helping verbs and did a practice exercise on it.  We also took a spelling test and free read our nonfiction books.  In the afternoon, we took a science test and worked on our Heritage projects.


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