October 21-25

Monday: We finished the stations we were working on last Wednesday.  We also got our new spelling words for the week.

Tuesday: We went over 5 common comma mistakes today.  The students used the comma rules we talked about in class to respond to four different prompts.  I’m hoping to see more commas in their work!

Homework: Spelling and vocab homework are due tomorrow, today’s assignment is due tomorrow

Wednesday: We took notes on fix it strategies to use when we aren’t understanding what we read.  Sometimes it’s easy to zone out while reading, and these strategies will help get us back on track.  The students read 10-15 pages of their book and tried using one of the strategies talked about in class to improve their comprehension.

Thursday: Today was a writer’s day.  We did a quick practice with commas and then took notes on semicolons.  We practiced adding semicolons and commas to sentences and then wrote our own sentences using semicolons.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow, make sure all work is caught up

Friday: We read a story that was above grade level in order to practice fix it strategies while reading.  We did a quick practice on semicolons and wrote a weekly letter.


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