October 14-16

Wow!  It must be a short week because I forgot to update the website!

On Monday, we started a new unit in language arts.  We will be working with nonfiction books for the next month or so.  Nonfiction is a very large part of what 5th and 6th graders need to know each year to meet Minnesota state standard requirements.  It’ll show up on the Iowa Basics at the end of the year and will help students better understand their textbooks in Heritage and science.  Sitting down and reading nonfiction isn’t always something we think about, but I can’t emphasize enough how important it is.  We also got the study guide for Heritage and are working towards the end of the unit in science.

Homework: Study guide will be due tomorrow (students receive points for completing it)

Tuesday: In Bible, we spent another day working on a fill in the blank worksheet on the Genesis story of the flood.  This also ties into what we learned in science with how the flood may account for many of the fossils we have found.  In language arts, students picked a nonfiction book that interested them to start reading.  They also filled out the worksheet “Nonfiction Reading Log” on their new book choice.  We finished reading to the end of the science unit and answered the chapter questions.  We wrapped up the day with a Heritage study game.

Homework: Nonfiction Reading Log and exit slip

Wednesday: We had a very interesting chapel speaker talk on Guinea in Africa.  He is a missionary to Africa and shared pictures with us about life there.  He also gave each student money from Guinea to keep as a reminder to pray for the people and missionaries there.  In language arts, we took notes on nonfiction text features and examined the text features in our science book.  This afternoon was a little different than normal.  We had  visit from four furry friends (golden retriever puppies- pictures to come), and we celebrated Bob’s retirement from bus driving.  But don’t worry, we also got some work done in all the excitement!  We took our Heritage exam.

Homework: Have a wonderful, long weekend!  Remember to keep up with your Book It goal.  It’s nearing the end of the month and you can get a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza certificate for meeting your monthly reading goal- what a tasty incentive!



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