October 7-11

Monday: We finished typing our stories today.  We will meet in peer editing groups tomorrow to critique each other’s stories.  If students finished early, they started on a grammar packet.  Our spelling words this week are words that drop the final -y and add a suffix.

Homework: Spelling and vocab homework is due on Wednesday

Tuesday: The class was divided into groups of 3 today to work in peer editing groups on their stories.  Each student made editing marks on the stories they read and gave them helpful critique to improve their writing.

Homework: Bring home stories to critique if not finished in class.  Spelling homework is due tomorrow

Wednesday: Students met in their peer critique groups to talk about each other’s writing.  For the most part, those discussions sounded productive and constructive.  On Friday, we will edit our stories for a final draft.  Students NEED to keep track of the two peer edited stories and not throw them away.

Homework: Grammar Packet is due at the end of the day tomorrow

Thursday: We took notes on Show, Don’t Tell and worked on making improving sentences by making them more descriptive.  Later we went to our reading and found 3 examples of showing to put in our notebooks.  This lesson should help us tomorrow when we go to rewrite.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow.  Grammar packet is due today and students will need to read 15 pages of their book and write 3 examples of showing into their notebooks.


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