October 1-4

Monday: No school

Tuesday: We took a Bible exam in the morning over 1 Peter.  We read about fossils, introducing the new science unit and completed a workbook page in Heritage.  We are finishing Old Yeller over the next two days.

Wednesday: We had Andy’s dad come and give a message about Alpha and Omega.  What a wonderful reminder that God is the beginning and the end, never changing!  Many students finished reading today and met in groups to discuss what they’ve read during language arts.  We completed workbook page 6 in Heritage and planned for our field trip in science.

Thursday: We wrote about our testimony and what Christianity is this morning.  I like to have students 5-8th grade to complete this writing reflection each year.  At the end of the their time at Heartland, I will give these writing reflections back to them so they can see how they’ve grown over the  past four years.  It’s also great practice to think about these things periodically so they are ready with a response whenever they might be called upon to give it.  In language arts, we met with groups to prepare a final presentation on Old Yeller.

Field Trip: We went on our field trip to Hoff’s Rock Shop today.  The students were able to identify rocks of different types, we saw how rocks were cut, and looked at their fluorescent display.  One of their machines weren’t working today to see how they make jewelry, but perhaps students could visit the rock shop another time.

Friday: We had a discussion in class today about whether or not Adam and Eve could have sinned before eating the fruit.  Some students said that they couldn’t sin before the fall, while others thought they might have sinned in some small way (like arguing) that didn’t lead to death.  I encourage students to think about that question, ask parents what they think, and try to find evidence for their opinion in scripture.  We’ll see if we can continue the discussion on Monday.  In language arts, we watched the movie Old Yeller.  We are watching the movie to see similarities and differences and also to decide which we like better and why.  The final project for this book is coming up quickly.  Students should prepare to give a presentation with their group next week (more information will be given on Monday).  In science, we read more about different types of fossils and played 3 truths and a fib with the new information we read.  In Heritage, we practiced a Read, Cover, Remember, Retell strategy while reading.  Several students are going too fast when completing workbook assignments for Heritage.  We are practicing slowing down and rereading the textbook whenever we don’t understand something.

Grades: Since it is about midterms now, I will email grades home this weekend.  Students were given a copy of their grades last week, but I will send out an email to ensure that parents also see grades.  Reminder: Parents and students can access grades online.  Click the tab to the top right of the screen to go to online grades.


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