October 1-4

Monday: No school

Tuesday: Each student will read 2 reading comprehension passages and answer questions on what they read.  You will go to easycbm.com/leahhicks to access the reading passages.  It will give you immediate feedback on how you did.  For every two problems you missed, go back in the story and locate where the answer is in the text.  On a separate piece of paper, students will write the sentence(s) where the answer is located with the problem number to turn in.  The reading passages and corrections will be graded.  Finished?

Complete a word sort game on nouns, linking verbs, and adjectives!

Complete a game of Jeopardy with a friend (action, linking, and helping verbs)

Quiz yourself! (linking or action)

Wednesday: The students worked on writing a peer response letter.  They also wrote a reflection on their testimony and what is Christianity.  I like to have students complete this reflection each year from 5-8th grade.  When they leave 8th grade, I will give them back for the students to see their growth over the four years.  It is also great practice to be able to have a response prepared and to be periodically thinking about their beliefs.

Thursday: We completed our final reading comprehension passage and worked on grammar through the games above.

Friday: Students are working typing and editing one of their stories today.  They were given a sheet to go off of to make sure they have included high action, dialogue, and description.  We will finish typing on Monday and hopefully meet in peer editing groups on Tuesday.


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