September 23-27

Monday: Students completed 2 rows of their Bible packet (3rd and 4th row) and completed 2 journals (Serving Joyfully and Trusting God Through Suffering).  We got our spelling list for the week.  We still don’t have our spelling books, but I did attach workbook pages.  Students have the option this week of doing the workbook pages for spelling homework points.  In language arts, we read chapters 7-9 and completed our literature group role.  We went over our Heritage exam and read the first page of the new unit on ancient Sumer.  In science, we completed workbook page 18 and talked about the rock cycle.

Homework: Bible 2 rows and 2 journals, language arts role is due tomorrow.  Spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: We completed our Bible packets today.  We will review 1 Peter, and then we’ll be done with the unit.  We talked about linking verbs in language arts and met in our groups to discuss our literature roles.  Students are getting docked points for not having work finished on time.  In Heritage, we took notes and shared our notes with each other.
For science:
Rock Cycle Interative

Identifying Rock Types

Rock Key: Use the rock key to try to identify one or two of your rocks.  Write down your prediction and whether it’s igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary.  This will be your assignment to turn in.

Wednesday: We had Saje’s dad come in to present a message for chapel.  He encouraged us to spend time listening to God and reading our Bibles.  In language arts, we read chapters 10-11 and completed our literature group roles.  We will finish reading Old Yeller by the end of next week.  Students should make sure that their packets are filled out for the work we’ve done so far.  This packet will be a big part of our language arts grade for the first quarter.  In Heritage, we compared Minnesota’s geography to ancient Mesopotamia.  Lastly, we completed a study guide for science.

Homework: There will be a science exam over Unit 1: Rocks and Minerals on Friday.  Students should pace their studying out over the next two days so they are prepared for the exam.  We will be studying as a class tomorrow, but that won’t be enough to do well on the test.

Review the following videos to study for your science exam:



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