September 23-27 2013

Monday: Students were given a new spelling list.  It follows a pattern and rule of spelling that was attached to their list.  We reviewed linking verbs and completed a worksheet.  We took notes on schema, read 10 pages, and wrote a paragraph on our schema as we read.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: We went over helping verbs today and completed a writing piece about ourselves to activate our schema.

Wednesday: Students read 15 pages of their book, they found 4 new vocab words and wrote them after today’s notes on inference, and they filled out an inference chart.

Homework: Students may need to finish their inference chart or find 4 vocab words

Thursday: We wrote a story as if we were meeting ourselves.  This writing activity activates our schema (we know a lot about ourselves) and our inference (we need to infer what would happen if we somehow encountered ourselves).

Friday: We worked on a letter and read our stories to each other.


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