September 16-20

Monday: We finished the first page of our Bible packet today.  We reviewed what Peter meant by the “living stone” and talked about how we are a chosen people and royal priesthood.  In language arts, students read chapters 2-3 in Old Yeller and completed their role.  Those roles MUST be finished for tomorrow when we meet in our groups to discuss.  We also got our new spelling words.  Every student needed to replace at least one regular word with a word from their spelling dictionary.  Our spelling dictionary words take precedence because they are the words we know we have trouble with and need to work on.  In Heritage we learned about the lost colony of Roanoke and came up with our own theory on what happened to the colony.  Lastly, we read about minerals and were assigned the page on “Munching Minerals” in our textbook.

Homework: Students may need to finish reading chapters 2-3 and completing their language arts roles.  Spelling homework is due Wednesday.  Munching minerals is due Thursday.

Tuesday: The students completed the journal questions 1-2 on page 7 (only the first two questions will be answered) for Bible.  In language arts, we met in our literature groups to discuss our reading and roles.  Many students were still not prepared for class.  Students should prioritize their language arts homework because it’s the only assignment that NEEDS to be completed for the next day.  This afternoon we read more about colonial and frontier homes.  We also completed an activity putting chinking in log cabin models.  We wrapped up the day by doing a little research on our mineral.

Click here to practice your spelling words online.  We are on list 2.

Students: Click on the links below to read information about your mineral.

Vitamins and Minerals

Click here if you have calcium

Click here if you have iron

Wikipedia page on various minerals and how minerals get in the food we eat

Mineral Chart

Homework: Some students need to finish Bible, spelling homework is due tomorrow, and Munching Minerals is due on Thursday.

Wednesday: Many exciting things happened today!  We listened to a great message from Addison’s dad about Balaam and his talking donkey.  In the next two day, the students will read chapters 4-6 in Old Yeller and complete their language arts role.  That means we need to have that assignment finished and be able to discuss on Friday with our group.  We also talked about something tricky today: transitive and intransitive verbs.

DURING LIBRARY:You can click here to quiz yourself!  Here is another website that will allow you to study, play games, and quiz yourself.  Go to to practice spelling.  We are on list 2.  We’re still struggling with knowing what the verb is in the sentence.  Click here to practice verbs with games or even click here for more practice with verbs.

This afternoon, Madeline brought in the movie The Adventures of Wilderness Family.  We watched part of the movie, saw how log homes were built, and noticed the challenges that might face a frontiersman.  We also were introduced to igneous rocks in science class.  We’ll be watching the following video as we go over the 3 types of rocks.  Students might be interested in completing the food demonstrations in the video as they learn about the different types of rocks and how they’re formed.

Thursday: We filled out 1 Peter 2:19-25 in Bible.  In language arts, we continued to work on transitive and intransitive verbs and finish our literature group role.   Some students are struggling with identifying the verb in the sentence.  You can play the games above (DURING LIBRARY) to practice.  This afternoon, we shared about our minerals and worked on Heritage study guides.

Homework: Spelling test and Heritage test tomorrow (use your study guide to study for the exam).  Finish your language arts role for Old Yeller. Language arts roles MUST be completed for tomorrow

Friday: We talked about how Peter tells us to act and what our attitude should be as we follow Jesus’ example.  We met in our literature groups during language arts.  Half of the class were not ready to meet in literature groups and had to stay in for recess to complete the assignment.  Please remember to check your planners when you get home, so you know what you have for homework.  This afternoon we worked with zentangle patterns and started to create interesting landscapes.  We will finish those projects next Friday.  We took a Heritage test and took notes on metamorphic rocks.


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