September 16-20

Monday: We talked about our spelling words for the week.  They follow a spelling rule, so students should review the rule at the bottom of their spelling sheet before the test.  We talked about what sort of things good readers think about when they read.

Homework: Some students may need to finish reading 15 pages in their book and writing 3-4 things they thought about while reading into their reader’s notebook.

Tuesday: Today was a writer’s day.  We’ve been talking about thinking as we read, and now we’re talking about thinking before you write.  We took notes on pre-writing and completed a pre-writing organizer in the writing section of our writer’s notebook.  You can practice spelling with  We are working on list 2.

Homework: Some students need to finish their pre-writing organizer and write their 4 vocabulary words with their definitions in the “word work” section of their writer’s notebooks.

Wednesday: We’re back on a reader’s day.  We continued to take notes on thinking as we read.  Students were required to use post-it notes at 3-4 places in their reading today where they stopped and thought about the text.  Near the end of the period, we met in partner groups to discuss our post-its and ask each other questions about our reading.

Homework: Some students may need to finish reading 10 pages, mark 3-4 post-its, or finish the grammar page we worked on today.

DURING LIBRARY: Students can practice spelling words online (click link on Tuesday), click here for a timed test on writing complete sentences, or click here for a link to many different games to practice identifying complete sentences.

Thursday: We worked on our stories today.  We will continue to work on them tomorrow.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow

Friday: We took a spelling test, wrote a weekly letter, and finished our stories.

Homework: Students need to finish writing weekly letter and/or their pre-writing stories


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