September 9-13

Monday– Sorry there was no update today.  I left a little early for our big ultrasound where we found out we’re having a boy!!  Today we finished working on our Mandan lodges, we met in our new literature groups, and we learned about crystals.

The students went over how to do spelling homework.  Students are given a list of 10 words (and 1 bonus word) and need to do 20 points worth of spelling activities each week.  Here is a copy of Spelling and Vocab Homework.  We won’t start the vocabulary part until next week.

Homework: Some students need to finish Bible- Living Hope #1-2 on page 4.  Spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday– Students, please remember to write in your planners!  We need to stay organized and positive so we can do our best work.  Today we completed session 2 of our literature groups.  I was happy to see everyone making an effort to work together!  In Heritage, we looked at the differences between the Mandan lodge and the Anasazi homes.  In science, we looked over our work from yesterday and started to grow crystals by making rock candy (this project will take a week or two and then students can bring it home).

Here is a link to a rock candy recipe if you want to do it at home: Click here

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  Please check online grades for any missing work.

Reminder: Only one family has logged into online grades.  I encourage everyone to take advantage of checking the grades online!

Wednesday: Today we worked in our literature groups.  We read a few pages in science and watched a couple short videos on crystals.  In Heritage, we completed a Venn diagram on tipis and longhouses.

Homework: Students may have language arts pages 4 and your role or Heritage Venn diagram

Thursday: Today is library.  Try practicing grammar with the games below.  Only two students were ready for language arts today.  Students need to make sure they write homework down into their planners!  The literature circles (book clubs) that we’re doing in language arts require that the kids are ready to discuss in their groups each day.  It holds the group back when one team member isn’t ready.

Balloon Noun Game

Noun Dunk

Grammar Blast

Want to practice your spelling words?  Click here to play games online!  It’ll be the first list (5th and 6th Grade List 1)

Homework: There is a spelling test tomorrow.  Language arts homework (individual roles for lit groups) need to be completed


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