September 9-13

Monday: I apologize for not updating the site on Monday.  I left school early, and we learned the exciting news that we’re having a boy!  Today we talked through how to do spelling homework and looked for new vocabulary in our reading.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: We played a game to work on identifying complete sentences.  We also made a comic strip.  Comic strips are excellent because they are small frames that focus on a few sentences at a time.  This allowed the students to put more thought into writing complete sentences in each frame.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow as well as any unfinished comic strips.

*Please remember to take advantage of online grades (link to online grades are at the top right).  If your information was lost, I can send you your access code and password if you email me.

Wednesday: Students worked on a vocabulary organizer to practice our words for our spelling and vocab test on Friday.  We also completed a few pages in our grammar books.

Homework:  Vocab organizer, 7th grade has pages 12-14 in their grammar books and 8th grade has pages 8-9 

Thursday:  We talked about comma splices and fused sentences (run-on sentences).  We completed a workbook page and took notes on punctuation.  Students started to write a free choice story using correct punctuation.

Homework: Spelling and vocab test tomorrow, students need to write 3/4 page of their story with correct punctuation


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