September 4-6 2013

Wednesday– This has been the first day of 7th and 8th grade language arts!  We went over the rules and expectations of the class and looked at a PowerPoint on the purpose of language arts.
Homework: Students need to bring back their signed rules sheet by Friday.

Thursday: Students filled out a reading inventory and went to the library to practice picking a just right book.

Homework: Students need to bring a book and two notebooks for tomorrow.

Friday: Everyone showed up with a book they wanted to read.  We read 15 pages of our book and wrote a letter.  The letter needs to be 3 paragraphs long.  The first paragraph is a summary of what they read today.  In the second paragraph, they picked a topic to write about (favorite part, predictions, author’s style, etc).  Lastly, they wrote 3-4 questions in the third paragraph.  These questions will be answered by one of their peers.  Some question examples are: What would you do if…. (pick a situation that the character went through) or Why do you think __________ happened?

I will grade letters on correct formatting (letter format with greeting, closing, and paragraph indentations), spelling and grammar, and content.
Homework: Letters are due on Monday


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