May 20-24

Monday:  We spent a while talking about our spelling list for the week.  This is our last week of spelling for the year!  We picked words that dealt with double consonants.  We learned when to double the last consonant and when not to.  It’s a bit confusing but here is the rule:

Rule: Double the last consonant when adding a vowel suffix to a single syllable word ending in one vowel and one consonant.
For example: hop, sit, pat, shop,skin,sad,spot, slop.
hop + ing = hopping
sit + ing = sitting

Exceptions: this rule does not work for single syllable words ending in the following consonants: w x y.
Examples: snow – snowed, play – played, box – boxed.
2) Consonant Suffixes
Rule: There is no change when adding a consonant suffix to these words (i.e. you do not double the final consonant).
For example: fit, ship, mad,skin,sin,sad,spot.
ship + ment = shipment
skin + less = skinless

We also watched a video to a story we read in class.  We compared the story to the video.  Open Window Link


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