May 20-24

Monday: This is our final Monday of the year!  How bittersweet that is!  In Bible, we did a final reflection on Christianity and our faith.  We will only be having one more Bible class together as a whole group this year.  In language arts, we continued to work on our stories and we went over the spelling rule for our final list.  *Students need to have 15 words this week.  10 words have been chosen for them, and the other 5 come from their spelling dictionaries.

Rule: Double the last consonant when adding a vowel suffix to a single syllable word ending in one vowel and one consonant.
For example: hop, sit, pat, shop,skin,sad,spot, slop.
hop + ing = hopping
sit + ing = sitting

Exceptions: this rule does not work for single syllable words ending in the following consonants: w x y.
Examples: snow – snowed, play – played, box – boxed.
2) Consonant Suffixes
Rule: There is no change when adding a consonant suffix to these words (i.e. you do not double the final consonant).
For example: fit, ship, mad,skin,sin,sad,spot.
ship + ment = shipment
skin + less = skinless

In Heritage, we talked about the Watergate Scandal.  In science, we read about Mars and completed a Venn Diagram with Mars and Earth.  Tomorrow we will start to think about whether or not we’d like to live on Mars and what supplies we would need to survive.
*Reminder: Students need to bring in permission slips for health class and next Tuesday’s field trip.

Students have decided to take both the Heritage test and the science test this Friday. Students can prepare for that by looking over books and worksheets.

Tuesday: Click this link to go to the Mars One website.  This will be today’s science lesson.


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