May 6-10

Monday: We talked about literary devices in language arts.  We completed worktext pages 133-136.  We had a longer science lesson that was an activity of being on the moon.

Tuesday: We covered several Biblical principles of conflict resolution and will be writing a reflection on how we successfully dealt with conflict this week.  In language arts, we listened to Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  We went through the speech and highlighted the literary devices used.  The students are working on teaching a Heritage lesson.  We are covering the civil rights movement, and the two groups are focusing on important events of the 1960’s.  In science, we discussed the phases of the moon.  We used Oreos to demonstrate the phases.  Student should appreciate this picture with their new-found knowledge of the moon: 

Homework: Students should be filling out their 2 week Bible reading chart to try to meet their reading goal.  Spelling homework is due on Thursday.

Wednesday: Mr. Bera gave a short message today for chapel.  He talked about robins and what we can learn from them as Christians.  In language arts, we decided on the theme of Martin Luther King  Jr.’s speech “I Have a Dream.”  Then we rewrote the speech in modern day terms.  This afternoon, the kids finished planning their lessons they will be teaching in Heritage.  The first group will present tomorrow and the second group will present on Friday.  We also made a class moon phase project and cut out mini moon phase viewers.  We will be using these to record the moon’s phase tonight (weather permitting).

Homework: Record the moon’s phase tonight, spelling homework is due tomorrow

Thursday: Click this link for science!  We had our first group share their Heritage lesson on civil rights.  In language arts, we worked on Martin Luther’s speech.

Friday: We did a internet assignment on how the moon affects things on earth.  The other group shared their lesson on Ruby Bridges.  We had reading buddies today and took a spelling test.


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