April 29- May 3

Monday: We took a quiz over Unit 11 in Bible.  In language arts, we picked our spelling words and wrote 3/4 page on what we’ve learned from reading the true accounts of the holocaust.  We finished our book on the holocaust the same day we had a Heritage exam on WWII, so that ended nicely.  We continued to talk about the constellations, and we will be focusing on the zodiac constellations because they show the path that the sun follows throughout the year.

Homework: Some students did not finish their language arts work today.   Make sure that all missing work is getting turned in!

Tuesday: We started a new Bible unit today, and we focused on how we could read the Bible more.  Students came up with a 2 week chart where they will try to reach their goal of how long they think they can spend reading their Bible.  We are starting to look at Greek mythology in language arts.  We will be learning about Greek mythology by working on a reader’s theatre piece over the next few days.

In science, we did a pretty tricky activity with the constellations.  Don’t worry!  The hard part is over now, and the kids made it through!  And in Heritage we briefly covered the Korean War and looked at its effect on today’s conflicts.

Homework: 2 week Bible chart

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker this morning talked sang songs with us and talked about truth decay, which we’ll want to avoid!  We read through our reader’s theatre script today and practiced expression.  As is common in Greek mythology, this story deals with love, jealousy, and shows the sin nature of the gods.  It is very interesting to see how their gods compare to our God because their deities are so very different from the God we serve.

Later in the afternoon, we read our own constellation myths that we wrote and took notes on the remaining 6 zodiacs we haven’t covered from this website: Stargazing for Beginners.  We also looked at a PowerPoint: Space Race and Technology of the space race between the United States and Russia and took notes on this sheet: Graphic Organizer- Space and Technology.  We will be spending the majority of May talking about the Cold War.  This will help create a timeline of all the history we’ve covered this year (from the invention of the first automobile in the very early 1900’s to postwar tensions in the decades immediately after WWII).

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  Students may choose to bring props for reader’s theatre tomorrow.  We will be taping our script to put on the website.  I encourage students to read over their lines tonight to become more fluent in their reading. There will be an apostrophe quiz on Monday, May 6th.

Thursday: This morning we took notes on the genres of the books of the Bible.  We also took extra time to pray in groups since it is National Day of Prayer today.  In language arts, we completed exercise 1 on apostrophes and reviewed everything we’ve talked about with apostrophes.  We then worked on creating props for our script.

In the afternoon, we rehearsed and recorded our play.  We even had extra time (we didn’t have music) to show the 7th and 8th grade class.  We also worked on a short story assignment on the space race for Heritage.  Click Narrative- Space and Technology for a copy of the writing assignment.

Homework: Spelling homework is due today.  Spelling test tomorrow

Friday: For Bible, we read in our student textbooks on page 10 (Rainbow of Writers and Bible Categories).  We completed a matching worksheet to go along with our reading.  In language arts, we had reading buddies, took a spelling test (can be done with a parent at home if absent), and read part 2 of our reader’s theatre play.  In Heritage, we read pages 262-264 about the Cuban Missile Crisis.  We compared that to current events and took a pop quiz over the material.  Students that were gone should write a paragraph summarizing the material.  In science, we made zodiac constellation paintings.  Willow has Sagittarius and Pisces.  Cale has Capricorn and Aquarius.  The paintings were done on white paper (positioned vertically).  We put star stickers where the stars should go and white crayon to connect the stars to form the constellation.  Then we went over that with watercolors.

Homework: There will be an apostrophe quiz on Monday.

Here are some speech ideas for the procrastinators among us:

Link to historical speeches- connect your speech to what you’re learning in Heritage.  Link to a few monologues for children (some from Huck Finn and Alice in Wonderland).  Link to Kid at the Movies humorous speech.

Someone might do part of Charlie Chaplin’s speech in The Great Dictator.

Lewis Carroll poems make wonderful dramatic speeches.  Here is an example of The Walrus and Carpenter:


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