April 29- May 3

Monday: The students read a short story, “A Visit of Charity.”  They read this individually and tried to come up with an idea of what the theme of the story might be.  We also talked about apostrophe rules.

Tuesday: We discussed the story as a class and reread it.  Students took notes on the story that they will use later this week.

Wednesday: We finished taking notes on the story and watched the following video of “A Visit of Charity”:

We evaluated the video, whether or not we agreed with the creator’s interpretation of the short.  Tomorrow we will use our notes to write an short essay on the theme of the story.

Homework:  Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  There will be an apostrophe quiz on Monday, May 6th.

Thursday: The students decided to write a 5 paragraph in class essay today.  They used their notes from the week and the book to create an essay that addressed the theme of “A Visit of Charity.”  Spelling homework was due today and there will be a spelling test tomorrow.

Practice apostrophes at home to prepare for the quiz on Monday: Apostrophe Interactive

Friday: We took a spelling test, worked on grammar, and briefly talked about what speech class next week.  Students should also be thinking about their testimony and what Christianity means to them.  Before the end of the year, we will be doing a writing reflection on those two topics.

Here are some speech ideas for the procrastinators among us:

Link to historical speeches- connect your speech to what you’re learning in Heritage.  Link to a few monologues for children (some from Huck Finn and Alice in Wonderland).  Link to Kid at the Movies humorous speech.

Someone might do part of Charlie Chaplin’s speech in The Great Dictator.

Lewis Carroll poems make wonderful dramatic speeches.  Here is an example of The Walrus and Carpenter:


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