April 22-26

Monday-Wednesday: We will be doing the Iowa Basics these days.  We should finish testing by the end of the day on Wednesday if everything goes according to plan.   Remember to get enough sleep these days, pack brain foods and brain snacks, and bring something to read if you finish early.  I am allowing students to chew gum during test, but they are NOT allowed gum anywhere outside of the classroom on these days.

Thursday: We finished Mathei’s story (one more to go).  We had an extended Bible and wrote found poems from 1 John.  We worked on the Heritage study guide for the WWII unit, and we learned about myths surrounding the constellations.

Friday: We had a couple unplanned things happen today.  Right away in the morning we listened to a kindergarten lesson and came back after language arts to teach the kindergarten students a math lesson.  Later we worked on our study guides and wrote a myth about our made up constellation.

Homework: Bible crossword if not completed, finish language arts reading and worksheet, write a 1-2 page story on your constellation.  There will be a Heritage exam on Monday.  Many students finished all their work, but some students have things to work on over the weekend.


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