April 15-19

Monday: Halfway through April and we had yet another late start (sigh).  We had a short lesson on theme in the morning and took a look at reading passages that will be similar to the Iowa Basics and located the theme of each passage.  We also worked on a science study guide over plant classification and read about Japan’s involvement in the war.  At the end of the day, we wrote a paragraph on Japan’s involvement in WWII.

Homework: Science study guide, speech worksheet, and spelling words should be picked for tomorrow.  Science exam will be on Wednesday. We will need to have 1 Peter 1:13-16 memorized for Friday.

Tuesday: We met in partner groups this morning to read James and Jude and partner talk.  There were some awesome insights shared at the end of Bible class today.  We also read halfway through Walter’s story (through page 112).  We will be working on theme as we finish the story tomorrow.  In the afternoon, we examined two historical perspectives on the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  We had a debate on whether or not we thought the bombings were necessary.  Tomorrow we will watch a video, and I will be curious to see if our perspectives change after learning more about the event and historical context.

Homework: There is a science exam tomorrow.  Be sure to study and skim the chapter

Wednesday: We had a chapel speaker talk to us about the armor of God.  He compared the armor of God to the armor he wears in the National Guard.  We finished Walter’s story and completed two worksheets.  In the afternoon, we watched a video on the atomic bomb and took a science exam.

Thursday: We started looking at 1 John and met in groups to talk about situations that are difficult to love others.  In language arts, we met in partner groups to read Sarah’s story.  We used task cards to practice language arts skills.  We also completed a Venn Diagram on Eisenhower and MacArthur and filled out a survey form on what we’d like to learn about next in science.

Friday: We continued to discuss 1 John and took some time to share about how God has been working in our lives.  We had reading buddies, took our weekly spelling test, and came up with interview questions for either Sarah or Walter’s story.  We made up our own constellation in the afternoon and had another debate about the atomic bomb.  Now that the students have more information about the events, our debate was much more deeper.

Homework: Reading passage (practice for Iowa Basics) will be due on Monday.  Remember to get enough sleep Sunday night to be ready to take the Iowa Basics next week!  You might want to pack some brain foods for lunch and snack, bring a water bottle, and maybe some gum to chew during testing.


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