April 8-12

Monday: We continued to look at the historical context of 1 Peter (there is sooo much to learn)!  Historical Context of 1 Peter and Background of 1 Peter

We worked on creating interviews for Markus Reich in partner groups.  We also finished our PowerPoints and half of the class shared their presentations.  Those presentations turned out wonderfully!  The students took their own photos for their PowerPoints and became experts on their conifer.  We were also blessed to be given the materials from my mother to make our own terrarium!  Each student was given a gymnosperm, mason jar, and fancy rocks and shells to create a terrarium.  Terrariums are easy to maintain and each student brought home a maintenance information sheet.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday.  If you choose to complete the alternative assignment to the WWII film, you need your blue sheet signed by this Friday.






Here are more of the photos the kids have been taking while studying conifers:



Picture 041



Tuesday: We had speech class today.  The next speech the students will be doing is over current events, and I’m very pleased that the students have taken an interest in current events lately.  We also gave our interviews on Markus Reich.
Here is a link to what we read in Heritage: Pearl Harbor Interview.  We created 2 illustrations based on the interview we read about Pearl Harbor.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday

Wednesday: We worked on a science lab on telling the difference between monocots and dicots.  We read in our textbooks about Pearl Harbor and filled out a cause and effect worksheet.  We also read the first half of George’s story and wrote down the major events.  The chapel speaker talked about joy.

Homework: Spelling homework due tomorrow

Thursday: We made observations on 1 Peter.  There will be a memory verse quiz on 1 Peter 1:13-16 next Friday.  We finished the story in language arts and ordered the main events that happened in chronological order.  We read to the end of the chapter in science and completed workbook pages 91-92.  We also read about D-Day and V-E Day and watched the following Horrible Histories:

Homework: Science workbook page if not completed in class, spelling test tomorrow.  Students can bring a snack for the movie tomorrow.

Friday: We spent most of the day watching Empire of the Sun to go along with our unit on WWII.  We also started reading James and talked about temptation.

Homework: There will be a memory verse quiz on April 19th over 1 Peter 1:13-16.


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