April 1-5

Monday: It’s definitely strange coming back to school after a long break on April Fool’s Day!  Over break I was really thinking about the things I would like to cover in Bible class.  We’ve been talking about 1 Peter and the steps to transformation, so today we talked about creating a new identity in Christ.

In language arts, we started to read Herbert’s story.  We focused on making inferences and completed an exit ticket.  In the afternoon, we worked on an open book test over the dictators we’ve been studying.  We also went outside to take photographs of pine trees.  We are very lucky to be able to use cameras in the classroom from Digital Photography Bridge to Nature.  It is really going to enhance our unit on plant classification in science!

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday.  Some students need to finish language arts.

Tuesday: Today we looked at Abraham and examined how his identity was rooted in God.  Abraham not only believed in God, he acted on it.  I want the students to follow the same model on Joseph for homework.  In language arts, we finished Herbert’s story and completed a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Luncia and Herbert.  In Heritage, we started the next unit and learned about Germany’s methods of attack (blitzkrieg).  In science, we edited our photos and read about conifers.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday.  Bible homework on Joseph is due tomorrow.

Here are photos of the bottle biographies the students did over break.  Each student completed a bottle biography over one of the dictators we have been studying in Heritage.


Hitler Bottle Biography


Stalin Bottle Biography




Wednesday: This morning we had a chapel message on curiosity.  Each student received a news reporter lanyard from the chapel speaker.  In language arts, we created some tableaus over Herbert’s and Luncia’s stories.  We also worked on comma rules.  This afternoon, we learned the difference between pine trees, firs, and spruces.  The students examined real examples and tried to identify the tree in their favorite photo.  We also worked on a blitzkrieg crossword and created sound effects to go along with Germany’s blitzkrieg battle strategy.

Here is the Horrible Histories we watched to go along with the lesson on Germany plan of attack on neighboring countries.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.

Thursday: This morning we met in groups to discuss some things that will change when our identity is in Christ.  We also started a new story (Markus Reich’s story) in Survivors.  This is one of my favorite stories in the book.  It is thought-provoking and hard to believe that all those events happened to one person.

Heritage- We read about Dunkirk in our textbooks and also looked a devotional relating to the event.  Some questions for thought: Have you ever had to put all your trust in God like they did at Dunkirk?  How does prayer work for individuals AND communities?

Science: Click this link to go to Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources website.  This will help you identify your conifer.  Here is another website to help identify conifers common to Minnesota.

Tomorrow we will be creating a PowerPoint presentation on our conifers!  Students can bring a flash drive to school if they would like a copy of all the photos they took.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow.  Respond to questions about Dunkirk for tomorrow.

Friday: Historical Background of 1 Peter

We looked at the historical background of 1 Peter.  We also finished Markus Reich’s story and jotted down some of our thoughts about what happened in the second half of the story.  We examined a quote from the book: “The Jews had scored a moral triumph over their tormentors.”  In science we struggled through making a PowerPoint with information about our conifer of choice.  In Heritage we read about Britain standing up to Germany’s invasion and thought about different things we can learn from Winston Churchill.


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