April 1-5

Monday: We read chapter 13 today with a partner and worked on partner sharing.  Groups wrote down 5 things they talked about in their group.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday.

Tuesday: We read chapter 14, filled out an exit ticket, and worked on vocab.

Homework: 10-14 vocab is due tomorrow

Wednesday: We worked on sequencing events today.  We read a short reading passage and ordered the events in chronological order.  Then we took cut out strips and ordered them in groups to form a story.  Lastly, we jotted down events in The Westing Game to this point.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  There will be a vocab quiz over chapters 10-14 tomorrow.

Thursday: We took a quiz over vocab from chapters 10-14.  We read chapters 15 and 16 together as a class.  We stopped to discuss new vocabulary and talked about our opinions on some big events that happened in chapter 16.

Homework: Spelling test is tomorrow

Friday: We read chapter 17 and part of 18 together.  We also took a spelling test and worked on character trackers and sequencing events.


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