March 18-22

Monday: Can you believe we had yet another late start??  Right when the bus came today, all the classes had gym together in the assembly room.  We went to lunch, recess, and came back to work on science fair.  I’ll give the students one more day to work on it in class.  Remember that science fair is this Thursday after school!  We also worked on a writing piece we’re doing in language arts, and we picked out our spelling words for the week.  The last thing we did today was read pages 174-180 and fill out Mussolini’s Facebook page.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday (Students NEED to choose words from their spelling dictionaries first.  We do this because these are the words they know they need to work on, since they have misspelled them on assignments).  

REMINDER: Science fair is this Thursday after school.  Some students are turning in things at the last minute to have me correct.  The deadlines for science fair have been very clearly stated and posted in the room since January.  If you’re turning anything in this week to have me correct, I may not get to it.  Students should not expect corrections on anything turned in this week.  

Tuesday: We added another person of faith (either from Hebrews 11 or from our own lives) to our gallery: Heroes of the Faith.  We have some talented artists in the class that have created some lovely pictures to add to the gallery.  In language arts, we continued to work on the writing piece we’re doing based on Luncia’s story in Survivors: Children of the Holocaust.  Our writing piece is focused on setting and sequencing of events as we retell the story from a minor character’s point of view.  This afternoon, we had time to work on science fair.  We also started Hitler’s facebook (or “fakebook”) page.  These facebook pages are a more interesting way of taking notes, and since this unit is all about historical people, it just seemed to make the most sense!

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday/spelling test Friday, science fair is Thursday.  Please remember your board, log book, and written copy (the written copy will be placed on the table with the board and will include everything on the board plus the research and bibliography).

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker today talked about how we can teach about Christ through the Easter bunny.  He based his lesson on an article from Focus on the Family: Finding Easter in Bunnies and Baskets.  This is one article I’m going to bookmark for future years!

In language arts, we looked over our first drafts, completed a self-assessment on our work, and started rewriting a second draft.  This afternoon, we continued talking about Hitler and took a look at Stalin.  We also talked a little bit about vascular and nonvascular plants.

I know the kids are feeling a little stressed, and I am too!  Here’s a little something we watched today to make us smile:

Tomorrow is science fair!!!  Please bring your board, log book, and report with you to class.  We are going to be practicing presenting our projects tomorrow like we will have to do for the judges.  Either bring a nice outfit to change into or come to school fancy!

Thursday: We started to read through 1 Peter today.   We took some notes on how to grow spiritually from 1 Peter 1:13-16.  In language arts, we practiced presenting our boards in front of our peers in order to be ready for science fair.  In the afternoon, we finished reading about Stalin and had a class debate for and against some of the dictators.  We also talked about our biography bottle project each student will be doing over break.  I gave each student enough materials to complete the project, but they can always add more if they want!

Everyone did well on science fair!  I was pleased with how everyone was on their best behavior.

Friday: Today is the end of the quarter!  We had fun playing outside in the afternoon for the end of the quarter reward.

This morning, we continued to study 1 Peter.  We read about Peter in our student textbooks and thought about how we could apply passages of 1 Peter to our lives.  In language arts, we had a special reading buddies, we got caught up on work, and the students who were finished with their second draft met in a small group to share their writing.

Homework: The biography bottle will be due on Monday, April 1st.  Have a wonderful spring break everyone and come back with an attitude to learn!!


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