March 18-22

Monday: No language arts today due to the two hour late start.  Students should have read halfway through chapter 8, be working on vocabulary, and filling out as much information as they can about their character.

REMINDER: Science fair is this Thursday after school.  Some students are turning in things for science fair late.  The deadlines for science fair have been clearly stated and posted in both classrooms.  Students should not expect me to correct anything this week.  I’m happy to make corrections on their work as long as it’s turned in on time.

Tuesday: We read the rest of chapter 8, worked on chapters 5-9 vocabulary, and finished comma rules on The Westing Game.  We also took notes on 5 prefixes, which we will be tested on Friday.

Homework: There will be a prefix quiz on Friday and a vocab quiz (from chapters 5-9) on Thursday.  Remember to keep filling out information on your character!

Wednesday: We read chapter 9, finished the vocabulary and comprehension sheet, and continued to fill out the character tracker packet.

Thursday: We read chapter 10 and drew a scene from this chapter.  As we worked on this visualization skill, it challenged us to illustrate a chapter that was mainly dialogue.  We also played a game of Mafia at the end of class.

Friday: We took the prefix quiz, read chapters 11-12, and we wrote 8 questions in our reader’s notebook over these chapters.  At the end of class, we talked about how to categorize the questions based on the QAR strategy we covered earlier in the unit.

Homework: Have a wonderful spring break!


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