March 11-15

Monday– We started reading about Hebrews today and looked at the differences between the old covenant and the new covenant.  In language arts, we continued to work on our dodecahedron projects on the novels we’ve read.  A couple students finished their projects, and they look great!  In the afternoon, we worked on a Heritage study guide.  When the students were finished, they worked on science fair and language arts.

Homework: There will be a Heritage test on Wednesday.  Students have a speech they will be giving tomorrow.  The remainder of science fair rough drafts are due Wednesday (the abstract, conclusion, acknowledgements, and Biblical application).  There will be a science exam on Friday.

Tuesday– Wow!  We had a lot of things going on today.  We had a surprise chapel this morning, followed by speech class.  In the afternoon, we reviewed for our Heritage exam tomorrow.  We also spent a lot of time on comma rules and finding examples of commas in books around the classroom.  Commas are our main grammatical problem as a class, and they make such a difference!

Homework: There is a Heritage test tomorrow.  The remainder of science fair is due tomorrow.  Spelling homework is due on Thursday, and there will be a science exam on Friday.

Wednesday– We talked about faith as we it is described in Hebrews.  The students each thought of 1-2 people that have been heroes of the faith in their own lives.  In language arts, we are starting a new book Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust.  We filled out a KWL chart, went over the introduction together, and looked at new vocabulary words we need to learn.  This afternoon, we took a Heritage exam and worked on the science study guide.

Check out some of the things we’ve been doing in class:


What is left of our classroom Hooverville


Thursday– This morning we worked on creating a gallery of heroes of the faith from Hebrews 11.  In language arts, we read the first story in our new book unit.  We also worked on isolating sentences from the reading and categorizing them by rules.  In the afternoon, we reviewed for the science test tomorrow.  Students need to study their study guides AND the flip chart.  The flip chart is a great way to quiz yourself.  We also spent a little bit of time getting caught up on our work and doing science fair.

Homework: Science test tomorrow, spelling test tomorrow, and math test for 6th grade

Friday– In Bible we finished our pictures to add to the gallery of heroes of the faith.  We continued working on reading the first story in language arts and writing down examples of comma rules.  This afternoon, we took a science test.  Many of the students did quite well on the exam.  We also presented our arthropod project and spent a little extra time cleaning up to go home.

Homework: Students need to bring home their book and comma rules sheet if they didn’t finish in class.  We will have some time to work on science fair stuff on Monday, so students are encouraged to bring in something to work on.


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