March 11-15

Monday- We read chapter 4 and completed a vocabulary builder to practice the vocab words over chapters 1-4.

Homework: All vocabulary should be completed for tomorrow.  There will be a vocabulary/chapter 1-4 quiz on Wednesday.  The remainder of science fair rough draft is due on Wednesday.

Tuesday– Today we worked on comma rules.  The students looked through books for commas and tried to figure out why they were used in those sentences.  We identified rules together and found examples of each rule.  We also reviewed vocabulary for tomorrow’s quiz.

Commas matter!

Wednesday– We read chapter 5 and 6 together as a class so we could stop and write down definitions to new vocabulary words.  I printed off the wrong vocabulary test, so we are pushing back chapters 1-4 vocabulary until tomorrow.

Thursday– We read chapter 7 today and wrote down sentences with commas from the book, categorizing them by rules.  We also took a vocabulary quiz.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow.  Keep working on science fair!  I cannot correct papers that are turned in a day or two before science fair.  The deadlines have been posted in several places so that I have enough time to look over everyone’s papers before the science fair day.

Friday– We took a spelling test.  We read 1/2 of chapter 8.  We worked on vocabulary and also chose a character to pay special attention to.  Each student was given a packet of sheets to fill out as they read and learn more about their character.


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