March 4-8

Monday– We talked about science fair this morning.  I gave an extra copy of how to do the abstract and the conclusion for students who lost their packet.  We walked through examples of a detailed acknowledgments and looked at creative and neatly done science fair boards.  I called around town today looking for headers that will attached to the top of the board and no one had any.  If you are really interested in a header, you can find one on Amazon that is fairly inexpensive… but you would have to place that order asap.  Otherwise, you could be creative and make one yourself, but it isn’t required.

Check out these boards.  Which one catches your eye and why?

When you get to gluing things on, I highly recommend spray adhesive.  You have to be extremely precise with it because once you set it down on your board, it’s not coming off!  What I love about it is it won’t make the things you paste on look bubbly and uneven, it’s really fast, and it’s durable.  It’s something you can pick up at Target, Walmart, or Joann Fabrics.

Some of the students forgot to bring their books to read during language arts.  All students need to bring their novel every day to class until we are finished with this unit.  In Heritage, we read about the dust bowl and completed a crossword.  In science, we started a two day project where the students are researching different arthropods.  Tomorrow we will finish the project, and I will be bringing in clay so that the students can make a 3D model of their arthropod.

Homework: Complete up to March 4th reading and activity for language arts, Heritage crossword puzzle is due tomorrow, students should be about halfway through their arthropod project so they’ll finish on time tomorrow.  
March 13th is the due date for the remainder of the science fair written portions: acknowledgments, Biblical application, conclusion,  and abstract.  That means that this week you should be finishing up the experiment part of science fair.  The procedure was due today.  Students will need to make this up if they didn’t turn it in today.

Tuesday– We had a two hour late start today, so in the morning we worked on creating our clay arthropod models.  Almost everyone finished their project today.  Remember to bring that back to school because I don’t have extra clay.  This afternoon, the students had math and then we came back for Heritage.  We played a simulation game to illustrate the difficulties most people faced during the Depression.  At the end of the game, some students had to live in Hoovervilles, make their own clothes, and give their kids up for adoption!  It was a tragic ending for some of the “families.”  Tomorrow we will extend the activity with a discussion and reflection about the simulation.

Homework: Students have to complete today’s reading and activity, Spelling homework is due Thursday, and there will be a spelling test on Friday.

Wednesday– We heard a great chapel on Jeremiah and all he struggled with while being faithful to God.  In language arts, we finished our books and completed the last activity in our packet.  Students need to remember to bring their books to class tomorrow because we will start a final project on the book.  In science, we examined some insects that Mr. Bera brought in for our class.  We also read pages 114-119 and completed the top portion of a graphic organizer on the five groups of animals: reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians, and fish.  In Heritage, we read about Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal.  We looked at the following political cartoon and decided whether or not it is in favor of or critical of FDR.

Homework: Students need to finish all the activities in their language arts packet and have read through the book, spelling homework is due tomorrow, and some students need to finish their arthropod packets.


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