February 25-27

Monday– We started reading a short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson.  We paid special attention to setting and mood in the first part of the story.  Students partner read and filled out a sheet with their predictions and observations on the mood and setting.  They also completed an exit ticket before they left class.

Homework: Worksheet and exit ticket are due tomorrow, there will be a quiz on Wednesday over the vocab from Monday and Tuesday

Tuesday– We talked about foreshadowing and finished the short story “The Lottery” today.  The story builds up slowly by establishing the setting and mood, but it ends in an intriguing, provoking way.  We will discuss the meaning of the piece and our thoughts on it tomorrow.

Homework: Worksheet and exit ticket are due tomorrow.  There will be a quiz tomorrow over the vocabulary words defiantly, paraphernalia, and perfunctory.

Wednesday– We took a vocab quiz over the three focus words we’ve been discussing in the short story “The Lottery.”  The students met in partner groups to review the text looking for symbolism, situational irony, and ultimately the theme of the piece.  Our work this week is setting us up to start a novel unit on The Westing Game, which I think the students will really enjoy!

Homework:  Science fair procedure is due on Monday.  


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