February 25-27

Monday– We talked about the Biblical application for science fair this morning.  Students need to remember that the Biblical application has to relate to their project, the verse needs to be kept in context, and they will need to reflect on the scripture they choose.  Genesis 1 is a great chapter to base the Biblical application from, but if students have something else on their heart, they can choose a different passage.

We are on day 5 of language arts reading and activities.  We have been continuing to talk about figurative language and took a bit of notes on hyperbole.  We took our free time for having a good last week and spent extra time playing outside on the skating rink.  We also read in our textbook science and Heritage.

Homework: Science worksheets will be due tomorrow, continue to stay caught up on language arts, and some students still need to turn in a revised copy of science fair research and bibliography.

Tuesday– We are starting work in 2 Corinthians.  We talked about the material things we value compared to what we will gain in heaven.  We completed a personal reflection worksheet (My House/His House) and answered questions 1-2 on God’s Treasure worksheet.

We continued to read in language arts and complete our activities.  We took notes on assonance and looked for examples in our reading.  The students had a special treat in exploratory time dissecting owl pellets.  We came back from that and made worm observations as we are studying annelids right now in science.  We wrapped up today by writing a journal entry as if we had lived through the Great Depression.  The students had to include real facts and a sentence using metaphor (6th graders also needed to use hyperbole).

*NOTE: Remember to bring ice skates tomorrow for Skate-a-thon.  Make sure that you have a pledge in so that you can participate!

Homework: Language arts reading and activity if not finished in class, Great Depression journal entry

Wednesday– We had a wonderful chapel from a former Heartland student!  She talked about her heart for missions and gave us insight as to what it’s like to be a missionary to Africa.  She encouraged the students to dream big for God.

Other than that, we only had math and language arts.  In language arts, we took another reading assessment and set goals for the rest of the year that will be shown at conferences.  After that, we left for Skate-a-Thon and had a wonderful time on the ice!  Remember to keep turning in pledges as they come in!

Homework: Students have some homework over the long weekend.  They will complete another reading and activity in their novel.  The science fair procedure is also due on Monday.


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