February 19-22

Monday– No school for President’s Day

Tuesday– We are working our way through the letters and started talking about 1 Corinthians today.  We took a look at the things the Corinthians were doing wrong that Paul corrected.  We started a worksheet that we will finish tomorrow.  We also had speech class this morning, and it is fun to watch everyone improve!  In language arts, we are starting a new book unit.  Students will have two weeks to read a book on the Great Depression.  Some book choices are Out of the DustAl Capone Does My ShirtsBlue WillowChristmas After All, Rose’s Journal/Meet Kit, and Bud, Not Buddy. Each student has the opportunity to choose which book they would like to read.  Every day they will read a set amount of pages and complete one activity.  Click Great Depression Novel Unit for a copy of the assignment.

In science, we worked a little bit on science fair and read pages 100-103.  We practiced a comprehension strategy on our science reading by partner reading and summarizing.

Homework: Finish language arts reading and activity, science extra credit is due tomorrow

Wednesday– We heard a wonderful testimony in chapel today.  In language arts, we continued to talk about the spelling rule for the week, we had a discussion on figurative language, and we did more reading and an activity.  This afternoon, we started a new book for story and handwriting.  It’s called Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit and is a preview into the next Heritage unit on WWII.  We watched a video on the stock market crash and read pages 154-156 in Heritage.  We read an article on colossal squid and completed science workbook page 66.  We also were able to look at and handle actual mollusk shells and sponges.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow, Science workbook page 66 is due tomorrow, and students need to stay on top of language arts reading and activities

Thursday– We added alliteration to our notes on figurative language and continued to talk about the spelling rule, “i before e, except after c or when sounded like “a” as in neighbor or weigh.”  The students will be asked to recite the saying tomorrow on their spelling test.  We are on day 3 of reading and activities.  Make sure you are all caught up on that.  In Heritage, we did a worksheet on the pages we read yesterday and started the publishing process on our Great Depression poems.  In science, we read page 105 and each student read about a different echinoderm.  Everyone presented 4 facts on their echinoderm to the class.  I can tell the students are learning a lot from speech class because everyone presented wonderfully!

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow, memorize spelling rule, and finish reading and activity


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