February 19-22

Monday– No school (President’s Day)

Tuesday– We had a shortened language arts today because we had speech class in the morning.  The students turned in their rough drafts for science fair and their parts of speech project.  We took some notes on the prefix per- and chose spelling words for the week.  Since it is a short week, students only have to choose 8 words and a bonus word.  They can pick from the list of per- words we created today or choose from their spelling books.  They will have a choice whether they want to do spelling homework or the test this week.  We also met in groups to complete a grammar activity in an area that we need to work on.

Wednesday– We worked on revising our Father of the Year essay today.  Students used a checklist to edit the content of their work before writing the final copy.  Some students finished early and worked on spelling homework or science fair.

Homework: If you’re going to do spelling homework this week, it needs to be turned in by tomorrow.  Remember that the science fair research revision is due Monday, Feb. 25.

Thursday– We talked about how to write a bibliography and a procedure today.  A bibliography needs to be included in the final draft of the research paper (due on Monday).  Click here for a link on official science fair rules and how to write the bibliography.  Students sent time in the computer lab working on their science fair project.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow for those who did not hand in spelling homework.  Science fair research revision is due Monday, Feb. 25


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