January 28-February 1

Monday- We are starting a new unit in Bible.  We will be learning about the writers of the New Testament.  In language arts, we took time to talk about the correct format of the hypothesis.  We went to the computer lab to work on typing our hypothesis.  It would be a good idea to bring a flash drive to school with you while we are working on science fair.  

Check out the example of a correctly written hypothesis:

Science fair question: Do cats prefer Meow Mix or Cat Chow?

If 10 cats are given a bowl of Meow Mix and a bowl of Cat Chow at every meal for two weeks, then cats will prefer Meow Mix every time.  I think this because bag of Meow Mix says it has the taste that cats love.

The hypothesis needs to be in “if, then” format.  The “if” tells you what you’ll be doing in your experiment, and the “then” clause states your prediction as a fact.  Next, you have to give your rationale as to why you think that.  This is the part where you can include those personal pronouns.  REMINDER: Every hypothesis needs to start with the word “if.”  Do not use personal pronouns in the first sentence.

In science, we reviewed how cells come together to form tissue and tissue comes together to form organs.  We also played a memory game to help us remember what each organelle does.  In Heritage, we played a simulation game to demonstrate how inflation works.  We responded to the game with a reflection and read pages 139-143 in our textbooks.

Homework: Bible worksheet is due tomorrow.  There will be a science quiz on the organelles tomorrow.

Tuesday– What a different day we had today!  The two hour late start set us back, so all we did in the morning was speech class.  Please be checking your schedule because there will be a speech due next class period (in two weeks).  We had lunch and recess later than usual, so we just had enough time to switch in the afternoon with math and language arts.  In language arts, we worked on typing our materials and hypothesis (which is due tomorrow).  We also made a spider web for our science fair (see post above).

Homework: Materials and hypothesis are due tomorrow.  Remember to study for a science quiz on the organelles (that got pushed back to tomorrow because of the late start)

Wednesday: Excellent chapel on hearing God’s voice- it inspired me to set aside some time today just to listen.  We spent language arts talking about how to gather information for a research paper and went to the library to look at sources.  In the afternoon, we talked about needs and wants and setting a budget.  The kids have really been wanting to do some teaching of their own.  So I assigned groups pages in science to make a lesson from.  5th graders have pages 96-97 and 6th graders have pages 88-89.  On Friday, the students will teach their lesson to me and the other grade.

Thursday– We are continuing to work on preparing our lessons to teach to the other grade.

6th Grade teaching help for science:

A way to remember the difference between mitosis and meiosis is that meiosis makes me.

Activity Ideas

  •  Have the other group make a mitosis and a meiosis flip book
  • Use play dough to show mitosis and meiosis

Videos and Clips

5th Grade teaching help for science:

Click here for a song!  The chorus is especially relevant.  We’ll be getting into some of the other information later.

Prepare cards with scientific names of common animals written or typed either correctly or incorrectly according to the guidelines on Student Text page 97.  Give one card to each student.  Each student decides if his card is correct or incorrect.  If the card is incorrect, the student must tell how to correct the way the name is written.

Have the group try to make a sentence using the first letter of each of the seven letters of classification.  Example: Katie poured coffee on Father’s good suit (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species)

Have the students complete workbook page 62.

Friday-One of our students made a plant cell cake and got extra credit towards 3rd quarter science grade.  It turned out wonderfully, and she even shared with the rest of the class!  Monday is the final day to turn in that extra credit.

The 6th graders taught their lesson today on meiosis and mitosis.  They did an excellent job (and I’m also secretly hoping they’ll realize teaching isn’t as easy as they might think)!  5th graders will teach their lesson on Monday, so remember to prepare over the weekend for a seamless science class on Monday.  We also finished the unit on economics today, which means we will be having an exam over the 1920’s and economics next week.  Some students wisely decided to bring their textbooks home over the weekend to get a head start in studying.

We had another two hour late start today!  This is the second time this week.  Late starts and beach week have made for one wacky school week!  I am so excited to get things back to normal (well, as normal as it can get with a ski day coming up…)


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