January 28-February 1

Monday– We learned about independent and dependent clauses.  We also took time to talk about the correct format of the hypothesis.  We went to the computer lab to work on typing our hypothesis.  It would be a good idea to bring a flash drive to school with you while we are working on science fair.  

Check out the example of a correctly written hypothesis:

Science fair question: Do cats prefer Meow Mix or Cat Chow?

If 10 cats are given a bowl of Meow Mix and a bowl of Cat Chow at every meal for two weeks, then cats will prefer Meow Mix every time.  I think this because bag of Meow Mix says it has the taste that cats love.

The hypothesis needs to be in “if, then” format.  The “if” tells you what you’ll be doing in your experiment, and the “then” clause states your prediction as a fact.  Next, you have to give your rationale as to why you think that.  This is the part where you can include those personal pronouns.  REMINDER: Every hypothesis needs to start with the word “if.”  Do not use personal pronouns in the first sentence.

Tuesday– We had a shortened language arts due to the 2 hour late start today.  We had just enough time to make a spider web for the research portion of science fair.  Students should be just about finished with writing the materials, hypothesis, and introduction to their research.

Wednesday– We started gathering information for our research today.  Make sure you do not lose your note cards.  Those are valuable sources of information that we’ll need to write the paper.

Thursday– We did an activity on independent and dependent clauses and completed the remainder of the worksheet we started on Monday.  We went down to the computer lab to finish doing research.  This will probably be the last day we do research in the library, at least for a while.  Students will need to be working on science fair at home.  Here are some due dates for science fair:

Research and Bibliography:        February 18th (Rough Draft)

February 25th (Revised Copy)

Final Research Paper:                 March 13th

March 20th (Revised Copy)

The final research paper includes (in this order) a title page and table of contents, the abstract, materials, procedure, hypothesis, Biblical application, conclusion, research,  bibliography, acknowledgments, and data/results.

Friday– Two hour late start (no language arts)


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