January 22-25

Tuesday– I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Hopefully everyone decided on a science fair question, which was due today.  Here are the links we used today while reviewing pronouns.  We are still on the parts of speech unit in language arts.  Try playing the games at home if you get the chance!

Balloon Pronoun Game

Subject and Object Pronoun Quiz

Relative Pronoun Quiz and Review (Take before playing the game)

Relative Pronoun Game (Only play games 3 and 4)

Reflexive Pronoun Exercise

Science fair question was due today.  We shared our ideas with each other and spent some time talking about what characterizes a living thing.  In heritage, we talked about supply and demand.  Some students have a supply and demand worksheet to finish.

Wednesday– We had a great chapel service today!  In language arts, we started the culminating project on parts of speech.


  • Choose one idea for each part of speech.
  • Each project should be completed on a separate piece of paper so that you have at least 9 pages (counting the title page) when you are finished.
  • Create a title page.  Include your name on it.
  • Title each page with the part of speech written in large, clear letters.
  • Illustrate one other page of your choice.

In science, we worked on familiarizing ourselves with microscopes.  We got acquainted with the parts of a microscope, read about the history, and made some of our own slides.  In heritage, we talked about capitalism and communism.  We played a game of rock, paper, scissors to illustrate potential outcomes of communism.

Thursday- In Bible, we ended the unit on Revelation by writing a reflection. Remember to indent and use complete sentences.

  • 1st paragraph- History (when, where, why, by whom) Use textbook
  • 2nd paragraph- Symbols (what are some, what do they represent, why are they used- apocalyptic literature)
  • 3rd paragraph- New learnings (what was new information for you, how has your perspective on the book changed, what are some observations you’ve made)

In language arts, we continued working on our parts of speech project.

We started talking about cell structures today.  There are a lot of different parts, so use this song to help remember them all!  Come to school tomorrow to construct animal and plant cells out of Jello and candy.  In Heritage, we talked about monopolies and wrote a story on what would happen if Walmart had a monopoly on groceries.

Homework: Finish Revelation reflection and monopoly story.

Note: It is too cold to go skiing tomorrow.  We are postponing ski day and will have a normal day tomorrow.

Also, 2nd quarter grades have been sent out by email.

Students: Do you want to start the 3rd quarter with extra credit in science?  We are making a cell model in class with Jello today.  If you want to make a model of the other type of cell you didn’t do in class (Ex- If you did a plant cell in class, you would do an animal cell at home), I will give you 20 extra credit points.  Your model could be constructed out of food or other materials.  It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed, but it does need to have the essential organelles.  Check out the examples below!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA22barchibald2bjohn2bmotley252c2bjr2b2528american2bharlem2brenaissance2bpainter252c2b1891-198125292bjazz






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