January 14-18

Monday– We took last week’s spelling test and talked about the spelling bee.  The 5-8th graders will participate in the spelling bee on February 11th.  They have been given their spelling words in advance, so they will have all the words we will cover at the spelling bee (which means everyone can potentially do extremely well).  Click here for a link to the lists in case you misplace yours.  This week we are doing something a little different with spelling homework.  The students will pick 10 regular words and one bonus word from their spelling bee list.  This will give us a running start into practicing!

The students were also given a sheet to read that sets up chapters 7-8 as a court case.  Come to class on Wednesday to act as jurors and decide whether to prosecution or defense has a stronger argument.

Homework: Finish reading sheet and be ready to discuss.  Spelling homework is due on Thursday

Tuesday– In place of regular language arts, we will be doing our first day of speech class!

Wednesday– We discussed the court case today.  Students formed their opinions and wrote a two paragraph reflection on their group’s discussion.

Thursday– We read chapter 9 and the conclusion.

Friday– We revisited some of the questions we talked about before we even started reading the book.  The students were able to see how much they’ve grown since then.  The discussions were much more in-depth, and the students were able to respond quickly and with confidence.  We wrote a paragraph reflection on how we’ve grown since the beginning of the unit and what we plan to do with this new information.

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