January 14-18

Monday– It is spiritual emphasis week, so we had chapel today instead of a regular Bible lesson!  In language arts we watching the video below and worked on verbs.  Our spelling words from this week are words from our spelling bee list.  The spelling bee will be on February 11th.  Each student was given a list to study until then.  I would practice mostly from the easy list.
We finished our science unit by creating volcanoes and watching them erupt with baking soda and vinegar.  We also talked about the Langston Hughes poems we did for homework and finished coloring the famous paintings of the Harlem Renaissance.

Verbs– PowerPoint


Link to this week’s spelling– Choose ten regular words from your grade’s list and one bonus word.  This is great practice for the spelling bee!

Tuesday– We had another great chapel day, and one more exciting thing we had in our day was speech class!  Today was the intro class to speech, which we will have every other week on Tuesday.  What an awesome opportunity to develop our speaking skills, and give our talkers an avenue to shine.  In language arts, we played a game of jeopardy (see PowerPoint below).  This was a review of parts of speech and a test of our general knowledge in language arts.  In science, we completed a study guide (which took our entire afternoon).

parts of speech jeopardy– PowerPoint

Spelling Homework 2012-2013– Download a copy of how to do spelling homework

Homework: Science study guide due tomorrow.  Science exam will be on Friday.  Spelling homework due Thursday.  

Wednesday– Free Indeed played for us at chapel today.  In language arts, we played a game of charades focusing on parts of speech and finished writing our songs.  In science, we played a review game to check our answers on our study guides and to get some studying in. In Heritage, we talked about prohibition and took a quiz on the things we’ve learned in this unit.

Homework: Spelling homework due tomorrow.  Science exam Friday

Thursday– In language arts, we took notes about pronouns (subjective and objective pronouns) and wrote a paragraph using pronouns correctly in the sentence.  In Heritage, we wrapped up the prohibition worksheets and read about supply and demand in the next unit.  We completed a crossword on pages 128-131.  For science, we spent time working on science fair and thinking about what topic to do.

We looked  at the following links to help us think about our topic.

Sample questions and science fair examples (bottom of webpage)

More topic ideas

What a science fair judge looks for 

Homework: Science exam and spelling test tomorrow, science sheet- choosing a topic, and Heritage crossword due tomorrow

*Note: The end of the quarter is this Friday.  Check your grade online and make sure everything is turned in!

Friday– Today was the last day of spiritual emphasis week.  It was truly a wonderful way to end the quarter!  In language arts, we took notes on possessive, demonstrative, indefinite, and reflexive pronouns.  With all those and yesterday’s personal pronouns, can you believe there can be so many different types?  We briefly discussed who vs whom (we’ll continue next week) and played a couple pronoun games.  In science, we took the unit exam.   In Heritage, we had an auction to demonstrate supply and demand- I tried tricking the students in the auction to demonstrate how supply can affect demand.  Students, try doing the activity at home to see what will happen!

Excellent work this quarter, students!  I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday for another great quarter of fun and learning 🙂

Here’s one of the songs we’ve been singing/thinking about in chapel.  I thought I would put it on the website because I absolutely love it!


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