January 7-11

Monday– Students picked spelling words from their spelling dictionary.  They have been adding words they have misspelled on assignments throughout the course of the year.  Each student has their own individual list they are working on, so they need to keep track of that list throughout the week.  We also started a new unit in language arts on parts of speech.  The students did a very good job going through sentences and identifying the 8 parts of speech!

We are covering the Harlem Renaissance in Heritage today.  It’s a big lesson, so we will spend the entire afternoon doing Heritage and push science back until tomorrow.  These are the links we explored in class: Primary Documents: Harlem Renaissance Photo Gallery and Harlem Renaissance Introduction.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday.  The characterization picture book was due today- if you haven’t finished it, it needs to come in as soon as possible.

Tuesday– Students are finishing up The Last Battle worksheet on Revelation 19-20.  We played a game of adverb and adjective taboo in language arts.  We wrote a poem about the Harlem Renaissance and watched a video on Pompeii as we talked about volcanoes in science.

Homework: Some students have to finish Adjectives and Adverbs at the Circus, the Harlem Renaissance poem, and underlining parts of speech in a paragraph.

Wednesday: We had a great chapel this morning!  We worked on tongue twisters for language arts.  We wrote our own to see if we could include all 8 parts of speech in our tongue twister.  This afternoon we talked about science fair.  While it is two months away (March 21st), we will be slowly working on it until the day of the science fair.  Students should be picking out a log book they can use for this project.  Some students wrote their first log book entry today, so it is something that should be decided on within the next few days.  The log book will be used as a journal to give updates on what the students are doing each day with their project.  Each student was given a packet of information regarding science fair.  There is more information there about the log book and choosing a science fair question.

Homework: Decide on a log book for science fair.  On January 22nd, the students need to have their science fair question picked out and approved.

Thursday: We are taking today and tomorrow to wrap up Revelation.  We are ending the unit with the brilliant depiction of God’s new creation that will come.  In language arts, we worked on adjectives and improved Taco John’s menu by adding mouth-watering adjectives!  We took a brief look at the volcano and earthquake unit to review the information we’ve been learning.  We will be having a unit exam next week in science.  In Heritage, we went a little deeper into the Harlem Renaissance.  We have been struggling a little bit to fully understand the movement, so we acted as painters during the renaissance and recreated some of the famous paintings made in the 1920’s.  We also listened to music of the time period and recapped the attitudes and feelings of the African American community in Harlem.

Homework: Choose one Langston Hughes poem to write a paragraph about (what does the poem mean?  What are the author’s feelings? What do you feel when you read the poem?), the Harlem poem is due tomorrow- revise if necessary, we are taking a spelling test tomorrow

Here are the paintings we are recreating in class:

Friday: Today was a snow day- enjoy the day off!  We will take today’s spelling test on Monday.  


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